Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to create a PGSongBook-compatible Text File

On a Mac:
1. Open TextEdit and click Format->Make Plain Text

2. Click File->Save as...

3. Choose your desired destination and Unicode (UTF-8) as encoding.

On a Windows:
1. Open Notepad (Editor in some countries) and choose File->Save As...

2. Choose UTF-8 as encoding and save to your desired location.

Import the file in PGSongBook and enjoy playing it.


  1. I'm missing something - I did as above in windows - emailed to my Ipad, opened in PGSongbook but it came through with all the same mish mash coding.

    1. Hi!
      Please send me your file to fdmobileinventions [at] so that I can try to figure out whats wrong.